Geologic Setting

SC49 project is situated in the southwest part of Visayan Basin. Its offshore concession covers an area of 1650 s.q. km at Cebu Straight which is acrossed in the deep water area of the Island Bohol with water depth 700m. Its onshore concession lies in the south of Cebu Island and covers an area of 1000 s.q. km. The elevation on the east and west sides of the Cebu Island is at 350~550m, while the elevation in the middle is at 800~900m.


The South Cebu area of the Visayan Basin is composed of three anticline belts trending NNE. These are termed the Eastern Structural Belt, the Central Structural Belt and the Western Structural Belt. The Alegria anticline, the Malabuyoc anticline and the Kampisson anticline in the Western Structural Belt are of our particular interests.



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